A traditional LED display in 27.5” is remark able enough. But with the 55” Diamond Edge, it is an entirely different creature. Add in the slim design and vivid color, a 55” Diamond Edge has the performance and flexibility to outperform any commercial LCD display.
  • In a single panel of Diamond Edge, you can replace a 55-inch LCD display
  • No need to make a new structure
  • No distracting bezels on the screen
  • Long lifespan and does not require calibration like a video wall
  • Easy to install on a conventional TV VESA mount

LCD Video Wall VS New 55” LED Diamond Edge

The Diamond Edge display eliminates the disruptive seams found in LCD video walls, avoiding the issue of inconsistent screen colors over time. As it utilizes LED technology, the display provides a seamless and uniformly vibrant visual experience across all panels. Unlike traditional video walls that require constant calibration to prevent color fading, our Diamond Edge display maintains its beautiful and smooth color reproduction without any hassle.


Increase the ease and convenience of installation.

Save on expenses with Diamond Edge, as it can be installed directly on TV arms without the need for new structures. Designed to closely resemble regular TV usage, the Diamond Edge display can be easily mounted on VESA mounts or traditional mobile video wall stands. Its lightweight construction allows for effortless mobility, providing versatility to suit your specific needs.

Longer Lifespan of Over 100,000 Hours: Durability at Its Finest

It's the ultimate value for your investment. The Diamond Edge display offers a lifespan of over 100,000 hours, which is three times longer than before. Additionally, it features easy front service maintenance, making upkeep a breeze.


Better Light Resistance by Up to 20%: Stunning and High-Quality Visuals

The Diamond Edge display offers up to 20% higher brightness compared to regular screens. Additionally, it features customizable HDR settings that enhance color vibrancy, resulting in natural and deep blacks with exceptional light reflection reduction. This outstanding contrast ensures an exceptional viewing experience for your content.


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