PDW-HR1 (XDCAM HD422 Professional Disc Field Station) 

Sony's top-of-the-line XDCAM HD422 Series is being embraced around the world for its file-based recording capability utilizing high-capacity and highly reliable Professional Disc media. Thanks to its newly developed MPEG HD422 codec, the XDCAM HD422 Series provides high-quality video and audio recording capabilities, with an image resolution of 1920 x 1080 and eight-channel 24-bit uncompressed audio.

The newly developed PDW-HR1 XDCAM HD422 Field Station further enhances the operational capability of this series. The PDW-HR1 packs a large number of functions into its compact yet robust body. With a large 9-inch* WVGA LCD, material can be checked on the spot and a wide variety of GUIs offers superb operational efficiency.

It provides multi-format recording capability as standard, including a frame rate of 23.98P in 1080 mode and SD recording. A wide range of signal interfaces, including baseband video (composite, HD/SD-SDI), Gigabit Ethernet, MPEG TS**, DVB-ASI**, and HDMI are also provided. What's more, an FTP client capability*** allows the PDW-HR1 to transfer files via its Ethernet connection without the need for a PC.

With its great operational versatility, the PDW-HR1 further expands the operational applications of the XDCAM HD422 Series.

*Viewable area measured diagonally.
** Requires optional PDBK-202 board.
*** Requires a software upgrade

Highly portable, compact, light weight. Easy to carry and transport meaning lower freight and storage costs
Multi-format recording including 24P (23.98P) progressive and SD as standard so the PDW-HR1 now caters for productions intended for cinema release in the USA

Wide range of signal interfaces. Can operate in either baseband video or File Access Mode (FAM) offering a wide range of connectivity options. Cross conversions, up-res and down-res can be done within the PDW-F1600 negating the need for additional external equipment

Large 9-inch WVGA LCD screen. A wide variety of GUIs offers superb operational efficiency which allows material recorded to be checked on the spot

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