XDJ-1000 (XDCAM Juke Professional Disc Library)

Supports up to 30 Professional Discs
A maximum total of 30 128GB Discs (3.8 TB) with RFID* can be inserted into the system. The system can contain up to two removable bins of 15 XDCAM Discs (mixed types) offering a total of 120 Hours HD 4:2:2 @ 50Mbps of memory readily available and accessible. Standard configuration includes one drive, disc bin and power supply.

* RFID specification only provisional.

All XDCAM Professional Discs / Format / Modes are supported
XDJ-1000 is a XDCAM Professional Disc library that supports all models of XDCAM Professional Disc including the new Quad Layer QL128GB.

All-in-One System
The XDJ-1000 is an all-in-one product with BIN units, Professional Disc drives, Robotics, Library control software and optional redundant power supply included.

File-based content management using metadata and proxy
Equipped with web application software for simple ingest/archive operations, which can be controlled from a web browser. Ideal for multi-disc ingest and near-line archive applications. XDCAM Professional Discs can be labelled with an RFID device that will allow materials to be tagged electronically and linked to a database for easy future retrieval. 

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