LMD-2451MD (24-inch Full HD 2D LCD Medical Monitor)

The LMD-2451MD has an advanced 24 inch LCD panel, and has inherited the conventional functions from the formerly introduced LMD-MD series. At full HD resolution WUXGA (1920x 1200) the LMD-2451MD ensures very high quality image representation. The monitor has a host of user-friendly features such user-memory function, chroma phase control, multi-display function and ChromaTRU technology. Selectable Gamma Curves enables you to set up the picture quality you desire.

Product Highlights

  • 24-inch Full HD medical LCD monitor and WUXGA 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • Backlight LED monitor, viewing angle more than 89 degrees, left / right / top / bottom
  • Number of colors 16.7 million colors and Gramma Mode CRT 2.2 or DICOM
  • Advanced full 10-bit digital video signal processor to produce smoothly-detailed images with natural gradation.
  • Mirror Image can reproduce a full-screen sized, reverse image.
  • Designed for easy cleaning The smooth and strong screen surface makes cleaning of liquid, gel and disinfection from the LCD panel and control buttons more efficient and protect the screen from being bumped by other devices.
  • The LMD-2451MD is precisely colour calibrated at the factory, providing consistent characteristics. The colorimetric of an LCD display, by nature, can exhibit inaccurate colour characteristics and gamma curves, which can make precise colour matching between multiple monitors.
  • Input Versatility (Multi-format Signal Support) from SD to HD video as well as PC signals via its DVI-D or HD15 connectors
  • Flexible for additional HD-SDI input, DVI IN and OUT or the fast 3G HD-SDI- board.
  • Image overlay (PIP). Can be selected quickly and easily from menus.
  • Able to modify the input channel name.
  • Menu Lock Function.
  • Safe to use. The monitor supports standard IEC 60601- 1 medical devices and the safety standards of USA, Canada, and Europe.

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