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MVS-3000A (วิดีโอสวิชเชอร์ขนาดเล็ก SD / HD)

Hugely popular since its introduction in 2013, the MVS-3000A offers the same intuitive operation and menu structure as the larger MVS-7000X and MVS-8000X, but in a compact and affordable 2 M/E package. It’s ideally suited to smaller studios, university media departments, small to mid-sized OB vehicles and stadium operations, but it’s also being used by larger broadcasters to extend the capability of existing studios. The fixed-configuration panel has 2 M/E banks and offers 32 inputs and 16 outputs in SD or HD modes. Each M/E bank has 4 keyers, with the first two keyers including a 2.5D resizer that can resize, reposition and x-rotate or y-rotate the image.

The MVS-3000A system consists of a 4RU high processor frame and a choice of 16 or 24-button panels (see Features section for details). SD (480i & 576i) and HD (720p & 1080i) modes are supported. Setup is fast and easy, with just a single Ethernet cable connecting the panel to the processor.

The MVS-3000A is impressively equipped as standard, with internal Frame Memories, two fully configurable multiviewers, with a choice of 4, 10 or 16-way split, full RGB colour correction on all inputs and aux bus outputs, and integrated device control for servers, disk recorders etc. Thanks to this generous standard specification, there are just two hardware options – internal 3D Effects and high quality Format Conversion.

The renowned MVS user interface makes the MVS-3000A simple to use for new and experienced operators alike. Snapshots, effect timelines and macros are interchangeable with the larger MVS-7000X and MVS-8000X. The compact panels have OLED name displays for excellent visibility and viewing angles, with user-customisable source colour display integrated in each source button.

Small spaces no longer mean that you have to compromise on features or quality. The MVS-3000A delivers everything you expect from an MVS series switcher, in a compact and elegant design at a very affordable price.

Built-in features

  • Multiformat SD and HD support
  • 32 inputs and 16 configurable outputs
  • 8 keyers with 2.5D resizer on half of them
  • Ergonomic control panels with user-assignable functions
  • Intuitive operation with one-button macro recall
  • Internal Frame Memory - store and instantly recall over 1000 frames in HD
  • Device Control - connect and automate 4 external devices e.g. server channels, VTRs, audio processors etc.
  • Full RGB Colour Correction on all inputs and aux bus outputs

Optional features

  • Internal DME – 2 channels of 3D effects
  • Format Converter – 8 channels of high quality signal conversion with frame delay and frame synchronise mode

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