Cloud Android Media Player
Cloud player with cloud platform and management software, to provide customers with safe and efficient cloud service solutions.
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Colorlight.Cloud is a free network management platform for connected all colorlight players

Support 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/LAN networking

Content Management
Cell phone/iPad/computer can manage large screen anywhere in the world and publish information
Cloud server localization
The cloud management system enables users to manage the content published by the terminal anytime, anywhere
Playlist Management
Support split-screen playback; support text, pictures, videos, animations, streaming media and other content playback.
Schedule Management
Support setting the play sequence, play time period and play date of the playlist
Screen Monitoring
Monitor the content on the screen anytime and anywhere through cloud screenshots and camera monitoring.








Data security
Improve your data security with traffic data encrytion,
sensitive data encrypted storage and authorized certification of server security.
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