Nevion is a Sony Group Company

Nevion was acquired by Sony in 2020.

Together, we are experts you can trust to transform your production workflows

Sony and Nevion’s objective
Our objective is to enable the creation of compelling content anywhere, anytime and on virtually any scale.
We believe that requires our customers to be able to tap into the very best production resources every time – the 3Ps


Introducing Networked Live

Networked Live is an ecosystem of solutions, products, services, and partners that combines hybrid on-premises and cloud processing with network connectivity to transform the logistics and economics
of high-quality mission critical live production

They are based on 3 main pillars, supported by Sony’s and Nevion’s experience and expertise.

Nevion and Networked Live

Nevion provides the solutions to connect all the resources needed in production. Our solutions for the facilities, contribution, remote production and distributed production are built around our flagship products, VideoIPath and Virtuoso, and our professional and support services.

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