Turn your projector, whiteboard, flat panel or display into a touch-interactive display with the help of
3-D Dual Band Optical Movement Detection Technology.
Make any classroom and business meeting room smart, easy and cost-effective
Retrofit Solution
Designed for simplicity and performance, using an easy mount setup, clip Thinker Connect on any standard display or TV and transform it into a collaborative touch interactive whiteboard. The device is compatible with Mac and Windows devices to collaborate seamlessly.
Pixel-Touch Interactivity
Experience high-precision writing with multi-touch capability on the shared digital canvas. Thinker Connect delivers the highest touch precision writing experience on the digital canvas, with touch accuracy of +/-2px. So, brainstorm and ideate on an infinite interactive whiteboard through an array of smart tools and online content resources.
Smart Tools & Built-in Search Engine
Right from writing and highlighting in digital ink using different pen tools, converting handwritten texts in digital content, auto shape recognition, unlimited pages with an option of changing background, undo and redo, curtain and spotlight; smart tools assist participants in the best way possible to present their ideas.

Thinker Series for Business
Industry’s First Interactive Touch-enabled VC Camera Solution with Noise Cancellation Mic Array

  Built-in Interactivity with Video Conferencing  The device when clipped on over any standard display or at panel, turns it into touch interactive and enables video conferencing.
  MeetEQ AI-powered Camera enable Auto Framing & Auto Tagging of the meeting participants 
  MeetEQ Acoustically Intelligent Mic Array cover 5 metres with Acoustic Echo Cancellation 

  Retrofit Solution easy mount setup, clip Thinker Connect on any standard display or TV 

  Built-in Search Engine Enter your search query on MyCloud and get the most relevant results in the form of images, videos, and texts, which you can save, download and use directly on the digital canvas.

Thinker series offfer two highlighted models which are Thinker Connect (Interactive + Video Conference) and Thinker View (Video Conference)


Galileo ONE for Education

Portable AI Devices For Intelligent Classrooms

Galileo One is a clip-on, wireless interactive device that can turn any flat panel or display into a full-blown touch-interactive display with the help of 3-D Dual Band Optical Movement Detection Technology and make any classroom smart. Its intuitive user interface allows instructors to share their expertise seamlessly using different content sources and makes it easier for learners to grasp the presented ideas.

  Super Interactive Whiteboard Convert your TV panel to super interactive whiteboard
   Collaborative without Computer with an built-in processor, without additional devices
  Access Anytime Anywhere Teachers can create lesson plan, manage attendance and share content with Kneura Teach app
   Cost Effective Solution Upgrade your classroom with just one device that can replace many equipment

EyeRIS Pro for Education
World's first Interactive Wireless Digital Whiteboard Device for Projectors

EyeRIS Pro is an advanced surface-independent wireless touch interactive teaching device. It can convert any flat surface such as a wall or dry-erase whiteboard into Touch enabled Digital Whiteboard. With a superior smartphone-like gesture-touch experience, it supports interactivity up to 10 simultaneous touch points.

  Simple to Install Just plug-in the device to your projector and install it up on top of your whiteboard
   Built-in Quad-Core Arm Computer Enabling the users to write, share and print instantly
   High-Precision Designed for low latency and Pixel Touch Interactivity with Integrated Learning Management System. 
   Interactive Whiteboard Teaching Suite Kneura Teach Bundled Kneura Teach, having a gamut of tools and features that assists educators to deliver effective lessons in the classroom

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EyeRIS Pro
Galileo ONE
Thinker Series
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