The world's only system that allows anyone to use "LTO*" easily and safely,
the optimal media for long-term data storage applied in the cloud and data centers
Small scale IT investments will release your anxiety of ever-increasing data
  • Support the latest LTO-9 (capacity per piece: 18TB native/45TB compressed)
  • The world's only USB interface LTO drive that saves data to LTO by simply connecting to a notebook PC or other USB devices
  • USB LTO drive size: 21 (W) x 37 (D) x 6 (H) cm, 4.5 kg
  • Direct connection to USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 PCs

*TO [Linear Tape-Open]: International standard magnetic tape media
The latest media features a maximum capacity of 45TB per piece, low cost, durability of more than 30 years, safety by off-line management, and reduced environmental impact.

Easy to use without IT knowledge
  • Data can be copied by drag & drop to LTO via USB connection
High-speed data transfer enables stress-free storage of large amounts of data
  • USB interface with high-speed data transfer of 300MB/s
  • Our unique technology achieves both stable operation and high-speed data transfer.
Protect your data safely and securely from ransomware and other cyber attacks
  • Offline management of data stored in LTO by disconnecting it from the network (air gap deployment)
  • Combination with our archiving software, data falsification prevention, and LTFS encryption support for even more secure data protection
Realizing both "high capacity data storage" and "significant reduction in CO2 emissions"
  • Compared to the conventional hard disk storage, LTO tape storage generates only about 4% to 10%
    (*) of CO2 emissions for the same amount of data
    (*)JEITA Tape Storage Technical Committee
Up to two LTO drives can be installed in 2U LTO rackmount kit
  • Two LTO drives can be mounted in a 19 inch 2U
  • Available in USB, SAS, and USB/SAS hybrid models
  • Simultaneous Primary and Secondary LTO tapes creation with two same-generation LTO drives
  • Allow migration from older to the latest generation LTO tapes with two different generations of LTO drives
  • Size : 17.13 (W) x 14.65 (D) 3.39 (H) inch, or 435 (W) x 372 (D) x 87 (H) mm
    Weight : 12.1 lb, or 4.5 kg
Other Features
  • USB/SAS hybrid model is switchable between USB 3.0 and SAS interface according to the usage
  • USB cable clamp prevents unexpected cable disconnection
  • USB plug-and-play connection enables connection and disconnection without stopping the server, making sharing and maintenance work easy on multiple servers
  • Equipped with the latest USB board
  • Support Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Support the world's leading products of backup software
  • Support other LTFS based software Archiware P5, Xen data, Yoyotta
Software with usability
and reliability enables long-term operation
LTFS Software

  • All LTFS operations can be performed on a single GUI in English
  • Move/copy/delete data by drag & drop from Windows Explorer/Mac Finder
  • Multiple LTO drives can share a single system
  • Data can be shared and exchanged in multiple OS environments (Windows, Mac, Linux)
LTO Archiving Software
  • Archiving of large data such as video data and surveillance camera data
  • High-speed archiving and retrieval
  • Offline management of archived data
  • Reliable history management function
  • Verification check of archived data
  • Migration from other software
LTFS Data Copy Software
  • Simultaneous copying to 4 destinations (LTO/HDD) at maximum
  • Simultaneous copying to multiple LTO tapes
  • Save time by high-speed copying with our unique algorithm
  • Automatic verification function confirms perfect match of copied data.
Tar Backup Software
  • Read and extract magnetic tapes written by Linux/UNIX tar command
  • Extract archived files created by Linux/UNIX tar command
  • Write magnetic tapes that can be read and extracted with the Linux/UNIX tar command
  • Create archived files that can be extracted by the Linux/UNIX tar command
  • Write Windows files in tar format
  • Provide command line interface
  • Support files in Japanese/directory names (support SJIS and EUC)
Arcserve Backup 18.0 for Windows
  • Adaptability for small to large scale deployments
  • Backup to a variety of targets including tape media and the cloud
  • Extensive standard features including data de-duplication
  • Centralized management from a single management console
  • Track resource usage and more with reports
  Main Applications
From laptop PC to LTO
Easy backup and archiving

  • Ideal entry model for LTO tape devices
  • Ideal for hardware migration in small-scale environments where backup and archiving were previously performed with DAT160
  • Compatible with the latest LTO-9 for high-capacity data storage
  • Save space in tape storage locations
Storage for large volumes of high-resolution video data
  • Archiving of video assets such as films and VTRs
  • Meet the demand for archived media of increasing video data
Surveillance Camera Data Archiving
  • Archiving of large-volume video data due to higher resolution, colorization, and the increase in the number of surveillance cameras used in various scenes such as crime prevention, food defense, etc.
Storage of electronic medical records and medical image data, data exchange with other hospitals and research institutions
  • Archiving of large volumes of high-resolution data from electronic medical records and medical image data
  • Long-term storage of medical data, data exchange between hospitals
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