All-in-One LED Smart Display

The large screen size solution for covering all you need in the meeting room
The latest technology that suit with your meeting room. The outstanding large screen size starts from 108" - 165" or larger.
The revolution of screen projection in the meeting room


Projectors were popular amoung education and coporate area in both private and goverment sections. However, there are some limitations on this device while operating. For example, projector will not perform well in a bright environment, Short lifespan (aorund 20,000 hours in laser model), and in some case projector provides  an unclear image. 

TV / Video Wall

In order to satisfy the needs of large screen size as well as to show the clear detail. Many people select TV as a projected device. TV performs so good in a bright environment. The details that show up is clear. In addition, if you need a really large screen, you can link TVs together interm of Video Walls. However, the video walls also has the limitations. For example, "Bezels" may become an obstacle that hide your content, Many TVs bring a high consumption of electricity, and the difficulty in service especially the calibration. 

Interactive Board

Beyond the TV technology is Interactive Screen or Interactive Board. There are useful functions that make the device more intelligent. For example, Touch screen, Software base or even built-in speaker. However, the limitations of the technology cannot make the screen size larger than 100" and the difiicuty in service will brings an uncomfortable feeling to a user. Moreover, on-site service seem impossible, if the screem gets a problem.

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