Hisense Medical has deeply engaged in medical display technology for many years, with over 50 years of experience in display and image processing technology. We have a dust-free clean workshop, advanced automated production equipment and standard production operations, ensuring one-by-one debugging and 100% test. 


Diagnostic Monitor
Display for Clinical Review and Audit

Key features
• Ultra-fine grayscale processing
• Integrated dual screen display
• Wide Viewing Angle
• Multiple sizes optional
• Precise color reproduction
• Energy-saving and Environmental protection design

Core Technology

Multiple Display Module Patents
Hisense's R&D Center is a nationally recognized enterprise technology center with solid research and development strength. At present, there are more than 4,400 inventions in display technology, and more than 2,400 are authorized.

Continuous DICOM Conformity
CDC technology is a great benefit to provide sharper and more delicate images
Lossless Digital Optical Uniformity
The uniformity of Hisense medical display is 15% higher than ordinary ones. Through Hisense's unique grayscale uniformity compensation technology, the uniformity of the display far exceeds that of standard medical displays and the image display is more uniform and delicate.
Advantages & Technologies
High Definition
10bit Grayscale & Color Display
Intelligent Gamma Calibration
technology are benefit to accurately display images with grayscale and color simultaneously

Automatic DICOM Calibration
technology can provide high consistency of images with the help of front sensor

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