Hollyland Technology is a leading manufacturer who focuses on wireless data,
video, audio transmission solution and products included HDMI products, Intercom products.

Hollyland R&D team has more than 30+ designers and engineers focusing on offering cutting edge technology in leading wireless transmission sector, while maintaining the most competitive and comprehensive solutions to satisfy all your HD wireless video transmission and HDMI solution needs. Hollyand invests more than 25% of its revenue into new project development annually which has made the Hollyland become the most competitive brand in the global market. Hollyland has already built up business relationship with many famous companies around the world, the sales distribution is well established to provide instant supplying chain and let our customers get the 1st high-tech and user-friendly Hollyland products.
Hollyland reinforces its commitment to high quality, diversify products with dedicated service and support. We are your one-stop services by supplying professional wireless video and audio transmission solutions for all your needs.


  • 5G Wifi
  • 1800ft Transmission Range
  • 4 Transmitters Use the Same Wireless Channel with Strong Anti-Interference Ability
  • Supports 4 SDI Input and HDMI Input, 4 SDI and HDMI Output, Support up to 1080P60Hz
  • 5.1-5.9 GHz Frequency Band Width, Supports Frequency Configuration for Different territories
  • Supports TALLY and RS485/RS422 Control
  • With RJ45 Interface, Support Network Pass Through between Transmitter and Reciever, and Achieves RTSP Pull and Push Streaming


4TX to 1RX
1800ft Transmission Range
Supports TALLY
RJ45 to Control PTZ Camera
Wide-Range Applications
Easy Control
Watch! the Video
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