Portable data transmitter for creators
Deliver your vision with the PDT-FP1. Integrating optimal antenna design, heat dissipation structure, and versatile input interfaces, it delivers high-speed and stable communication that fully caters to professional demands, all while offering simple operability.

High-speed transmission
Optimized antenna design for high-speed data transmission
The antenna design is optimized to maximize reception sensitivity, enabling high-speed, low-latency communication over a wide range of bands, including LTE, and both 5G Sub6 and mmWave(1).
(1)mmWave is not available for some regions. Please check specification in your region.
Many compatible communication bands
With its optimized antenna design and wide variety of compatible communication environments, including both local and private 5G, the PDT-FP1 enables fast and efficient data transmission worldwide(2). It also supports Dual SIM(3) for transmitting data while automatically switching to a stronger network(4).
(2) Please check compatible band and network condition
(3) 3 e-SIM x 1, nano-SIM x 1
(4) The settings need to be changed. Contracts with different carriers may be required. Connectivity in all environments is not guaranteed

Long and stable performance
Heat dissipation system for enhanced reliability
To ensure reliability in challenging environments, the PDT-FP1 incorporates a newly developed cooling fan and a duct structure designed for heat dissipation and quiet operation. It effectively prevents thermal shutdown, even in temperatures as high as 40 °C (104 °F)(5), for continuous transmission during shooting.
(5) Sony measurement
Power supply options for extended transfer
The PDT-FP1 is equipped with two USB Type-C® terminals that support USB PD (Power Delivery). One handles both data communication and charging, while the other is solely for charging. With these terminals, the PDT-FP1 can be charged while transferring data, allowing you to shoot without worrying about the battery level.
Versatile input interfaces
The PDT-FP1 offers versatile input interfaces, ensuring fast and stable data communication. As well as a USB Type-C® terminal for data transfer, a wired LAN terminal can connect to a compatible camera for data transfer, and an HDMI Type A terminal is also provided for video data transmission.
[1] LAN [2] HDMI [3] USB Type-C (For data transfer)
Expandable storage
The PDT-FP1 is equipped with 256 GB of internal storage, expandable up to 1 TB with the optional microSD card. This allows for stable data transfers while ensuring ample storage space.
[1] 256 GB [2] Up to 1 TB
For creators everywhere
Quick file transfer for photographers
Effortlessly transfer files to a designated FTP server or Creators’ Cloud by connecting compatible Sony cameras6 via USB or Ethernet. Once the initial setup is complete, the “Camera Wired Connection” setting will automatically transfer files without the need to configure settings each time.
(6) Please refer to the support page for compatibility.
File transfer and live streaming for videographers
The “Camera Wired Connection” setting offers automatic file delivery to the C3 Portal and Ci Media Cloud for improved workflow(6). Together with its large 6.1-inch display and “Network Visualizer,” transfer status can be visibly monitored before and while shooting. Also, low-latency, low-bit-rate, and high-quality livestreaming is possible with 5G connectivity by using the optional CBK-RPU7 and NXL-ME80 as a receiver(7).
(6) Please refer to the support page for compatibility.
(7) Service available after spring 2024

Professional set-up
The PDT-FP1 features a 1/4-inch tripod screw hole(8) on the rear for attaching to a tripod or camera, and a strap hole for effective cable management.
[1] Screw hole [2] Strap hole
(8) Do not use screws longer than 5.5 mm
(7/32 inches). Doing so may cause a malfunction
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