Truly immerse yourself

Unlike any TV viewing experience before, BRAVIA provides sound and vision in perfect harmony. As well as immersing yourself in stunning picture quality, you can now also enjoy powerful and clear sound coming from exactly where it should – all in complete ease with voice control and beautiful design. 




By screen type
There are two screen types available, OLED and LCD, each with its own unique characteristics. Our expertise in television allows us to provide thrilling experiences on both OLED and LCD TVs. 

OLED: Deeper shadow, brighter highlights
Our OLED screens comprise over 8 million self-illuminating pixels that are precisely and individually controlled. Because each pixel can be activated or turned off completely, the variance between light and dark is greatly enhanced with incredibly deep blacks and dazzling lights. You’ll see more accurate detail, depth and textures in dark scenes, making OLED TV especially good for movies.
LCD: Bright, colourful scenes
Our LCD televisions with backlighting fill the screen with brightness, allowing the TV to reproduce colourful scenes even in bright rooms. 
Sony LCD televisions which are Full Array LED include zones of LEDs that can be lit or dimmed independently to give more realistic peaks of brightness, more accurate shadow detail and deeper, inkier blacks. All Full Array LED models feature X-tended Dynamic Range™ PRO, a unique Sony technology that enhances light and dark by accurately controlling LEDs so specific areas of the screen can be incredibly bright while others remain pitch black. The result is ultra realistic, three-dimensional pictures that bring scenes to life.
Sony Full array LED

Your home and BRAVIA in perfect harmony
A flush edge, one slate design and noiseless stand. It’s an approach that lets you immerse yourself in what you’re watching, not the TV itself. Better still, the premium two way stand gives you the freedom to raise the TV to accommodate a sound bar.


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