Why Sony Medical Monitor?

Why Sony Medical Monitor?

Sony's medical grade monitors are suitable for use in operating room, which support smooth procedure in microscopic surgery, endoscopic surgery and so on. They offer you optimal various features as medical grade device such as FDA Class 2, EU-MDD Class1, TGA Class 1. In consideration of use in OR, Sony's medical grade monitors have been strictly evaluated to safety performance standards.

  Complied with various nediacl safety standards: IEC 60601-1, FDA Class2, EU-MDD Class1, TGA Class 1.

  Noisw imminity for high-frequency electric knife

  Measures against leakage current

  Long-term stable product supply

  Up to 4K resolutions for high picture quality

  High Durability with screen protect panel

  Easy to Clean - flat surface

  Splash resistant: IPX 2

  Various picture modes: PIP, POP

  Variety of video inputs/outputs: HDMI, DVI, SDI, DP, Video

  Convenient preset function: Up to 20 settings

  Various features: OptiContrast Panel, A.I.M.E.

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