ODS-L60E (PetaSite Optical Disc Archive Library Expansion Unit (Drive and Cartridge))

PetaSite Optical Disc Archive scalable library
The ODS-L60E holds up to four Optical Disc Archive drives, a maximum of 61 cartridges, and a built-in robotic mechanism in a 7U, 19-inch rack-mountable chassis.

Categorisation by cartridge
The ODS-L60E contains up to 61 cartridges, you can use different cartridges per category or user.

File Manager
The PetaSite Optical Disc Archive library is connected to a host computer via Ethernet, and the drive units installed in this library is connected to the host computer via fibre channel. After File Manager software is installed on a host computer, all operations are controlled with a web-based GUI from each client computer. It uses a simple Drag & Drop operation to archive and retrieve files and provides the opportunity for the user to add simple text metadata when archiving files.

Expand library with up to five extension units attached to ODS-L30M
The ODS-L60E extends the PetaSite Optical Disc Archive, operating alongside the ODS-L30M and ODS-L100E (cartridge only) extension units. A total of five extension units maximum can attach to the ODS-L30M to make up a single 42U library offering a maximum 535 cartridges (802 TB), depending on the extension units used.

Easily integrated in existing library SAN infrastructure
Operations can be managed by HSM application allowing auto-operation on all Optical Disc cartridges. The PetaSite Opitical Disc Archive system is a complimentary archive technology that can co-exist with any LTO or data tape library in a standard SAN infrastructure. It provides a cost effective, long term archiving solution.

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