CC-S40MD (4K Boom-Arm Mountable Video Camera)

Capturing high-resolution video from surgical procedures is an increasing requirement in today's medical environments - from student teaching and academic research to maintaining accurate records for legal and compliance purposes. Designed for use in Operating Rooms*, the MCC-S40MD is a 4K video camera that's designed for mounting on a ceiling or floor-standing boom arm. The camera can also be commanded via a suitable remote controller. Exceptional 4K image quality is assured by the large-format Exmor R® CMOS image sensor that captures far more light than smaller sensors in conventional cameras, assuring high levels of detail and very low image noise. It's equipped with the large aperture image-stabilised lens that's capable of zooming in with high magnification for a detailed close-up view of intricate surgical procedures. The camera can output 4K video via HDMI and HD video via 3G-SDI at the same time - ideal for simultaneous connection to a 4K monitor and medical video recorder in the Operating Room.

Product Highlight

  • The large, high resolution 1.0-inch Exmor R® CMOS Sensor captures finely-detailed 4K video images, with four times the resolution of Full HD.
  • Minimum Object Distance 80 mm (w) to 1000 mm (t) 20x lossless zoom (12x optical and 1.67x Clear Image zoom)
  • Active image stabilisation (optical/electronic hybrid) corrects for the effects of mechanical vibration on a boom mounting arm, ensuring clear, stable images even at high zoom settings
  • Neutral Density (ND) filter and range of Auto Exposure modes make the MCC-S40MD ideal for capturing high-quality video footage under a high-brightness shadowless lamp in the Operating Room.
  • Aspheric lens can suppress image distortion and/or colour shift. The large-aperture 4K quality lens is optimised for precision surgical imaging applications.
  • The camera's sleek, cylindrical all-in-one design is optimised for boom mounting in surgical environments. Cables are accessed via a flush rear cover: connectors are grouped around the central axis, allowing the camera to be rotated freely for convenient installation.
  • The MCC-S40MD can simultaneously output 4K video via HDMI, and Full HD video via 3G-SDI. This allows convenient connection to a 4K monitor, while simultaneously recording video via SDI to a Full HD recorder.
  • The integrated IR (InfraRed) Cut Filter can be locked off to allow IR shooting.
  • The camera's smooth cylindrical exterior casing is easy to wipe clean and resists sterilisation chemicals.
  • The camera can be controlled remotely via VISCA protocols (RS-232C) from a PC and/or dedicated OR controller. 

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