HVO-3300MT (3D HD Video Recorder)

The HVO-3300MT Video Recorder allows clinicians to capture high quality 3D or 2D images acquired with 3D/2D endoscopic camera systems, surgical microscopes, and other compatible medical imaging systems in Full HD. Successor to the popular HVO-1000MD and HVO-3000MT recorders, the HVO-3300MT is capable of recording 3D or 2D images with Full HD resolution from a connected modality onto its high-capacity internal hard drive. Video footage can also be stored simultaneously on up to two external media devices, including Blu-ray Disc/DVD, USB memory or a hospital server for easy sharing. In addition, live video captured by the HVO-3300MT can be streamed directly to consulting rooms, offices and other locations outside the OR.

Product Highlights

  • HVO-3300MT Medical Video recorder Full HD resolutions 1920 x 1080 which 3D/2D formats
  • Support video recording 1080P 24Mbps (Best), 18Mbps (High), 12Mbps (Stardard), 1080i/720p: 20Mbps (Best), 12.5Mbps (High), 6Mbps (Standard)
  • The front panel's 3.5" colour LCD screen allows current input image and status, playback images and recorder settings
  • Recording format efficient MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression
  • High-capacity 2TB disk drive allows long duration video recording upto 168 Hours
  • Simultaneous recording from 2 video inputs
  • Simultaneous recording on internal HDD and external media
  • Recorded data can be uploaded over the hospital network from the operating room to a computer using CIFS (Common Internet File System) for convenient centralised storage and sharing.
  • Compliance with Medical Safety Standards

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