HVO-550MD (HD Medical Video Recorder, USB/NAS)

The HVO-500MD Medical Digital Network Recorder has been designed for use in a wide range of clinical environments, including hospital radiology and operating rooms, surgical centres and doctors’ offices.

Suitable for storing High Definition videos from ultrasound, digital X-ray, endoscopic, laparoscopic and other compatible diagnostic and surgical imaging systems, the recorder offers extensive connection options with a wide range of current and legacy devices.

The HVO-500MD stores HD or Standard Definition video on its high-capacity internal hard disk drive. Via simple menu selection, video can be recorded at the same time to an external USB drive or a network server. This simultaneous recording capability saves time, eliminating the need to export or copy video files to another storage medium after recording. It also provides an extra safeguard against the risk of losing valuable data.r locations outside the OR.

Product Highlights

  • HVO-500MD Medical Video recorder HD HD 1280 × 720 resolutions
  • Support video recording 1280 × 720 / 59.94p, 1280 × 720 / 50p, 720 × 480 / 59.94i, 720 × 576 / 50i
  • Recording Bit Rate (HD) 14Mbps (Best), 8Mbps (High), 4Mbps (Standard)
  • Recording Bit Rate (SD) 5Mbps (Best), 3Mbps (High), 2Mbps (Standard)
  • Recording format efficient MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression
  • Harddisk capacity 500GB disk drive capable record time between 60 and 194 hours of HD video recording or between 158 and 348 hours of SD video
  • Simultaneous recording on internal HDD and external media
  • Recorded data can be uploaded over the hospital network from the operating room to a computer using CIFS (Common Internet File System) for convenient centralised storage and sharing.
  • Compliance with Medical Safety Standards

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