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UP-DR80MD (A4 Digital Colour Printer)

The UP-DR80MD digital colour printer for medical applications.
Delivering a compelling combination of compact convenience, superior image quality and low total-cost-of-ownership, the UP-DR80MD is the world's smallest A4 dye sublimation printer and easy for color adjustment via its printer driver property.

The default "Natural" setting creates a colour based on the s-RGB monitor, which is suitable for endoscopy images. For ultrasound images, a "CG" colour mode is available that reproduces more vivid colours.

A Gray Balance Adjustment function allows you to easily select the colour that most closely matches your requirements and provides the most suitable tonal range for your application.

Product Highlights

  • UP-DR80MD dye sublimation printer can produces photo-quality prints
  • Sony's laminating technology, which coats each print with a protective layer that's resistant to light, heat, water, humidity, and fingerprints, this laminating technology allows the prints to be placed in long-term storage without fear of degradation.
  • Resolution 301 dpi
  • Gradations 8 bits (256 levels) processing each for yellow, magenta and cyan
  • Print Area A4 size: 287 x 202 mm (11 1/4 x 8 inches) Letter size: 269 x 208 mm (10 5/8 x 8 1/4 inches)
  • Printing Time A4 size: Approx. 76 sec Letter size: Approx. 72 sec
  • Paper Tray Capacity 50 sheets
  • Front-loading operation makes it easy to replace paper and ribbon
  • Compliance with Medical Safety Standards IEC 60601-1 and product safety standards in the U.S.A., Canada and Europe. 
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