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NUCLeUS™ (The Smart Digital Operating Room Platform)

NUCLeUS™ Developed in consultation with leading surgeons, NUCLeUS™ guides clinical staff through the planning, recording and sharing of video images and other patient-related data in the Operating Room, across the hospital campus and beyond.

Controlled by the intuitive GUI, live images can be displayed on any screen in the Operating Room or elsewhere on the hospital campus.

Multiple video feeds from endoscopes, surgical microscopes, room cameras and other sources can be recorded simultaneously, on an eNSOR™ appliance (a network-based platform) in any combination of formats and resolutions.

A truly end-to-end IP workflow solution, NUCLeUS™ also lets surgeons in the Operating Room share live video with other doctors and medical students.

Captured content can also be associated with other patient records and stored centrally for secure access from anywhere over hospital-wide IP networks.

Product Highlights

  • Digital surgery control and management system. Digital Video Over IP
  • Can select the signal from various input sources. Including signals that are being broadcast from other operating rooms in the system to be displayed.
  • Can select still images from the x-ray system, images from ultrasound, CT scan, images from various instruments And images stored in the PACS / DICOM system can be displayed.
  • Can display the incoming signal to the monitor independently, up to 4 signals per 1 display
  • Wide range of display modes, including switching to multiple monitors in full screen, picture-in-picture or multi-split.
  • Support video to a IP (Video over IP) and uncompressed signals. (Uncompressed) the delay less than 5 ms
  • The system can support all Full HD video signal formats and able to select to record video signals from various video input channels and all channels with the ability to select the quality of the signal that can be recorded in both Full HD and low-resolution (lowres) signals.
  • compatible with the PACS / HL7 standard patient database system
  • can control and expand the system control for Electricity, Air system, Surgical lamp system, Bed lift system and other systems with remote control system for all brands (3rd Party)
  • Local and central store images or video files to recorded in the system and support the expansion of data storage systems to be integrated into the central data center which can expand the size of the storage system unlimitedly.
  • Support 2 ways communication from selected broadcast video and audio signals in the system to the meeting room or other operating rooms via the local network and outside (Worldwide).


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