WQ-BM1 (Interactive Meeting and Display Management Solution for 4K Professional Displays)

Make every meeting more productive with 4K Professional Displays

Streamline meetings with this highly-scalable all-in-one information sharing and display management solution that's ideal for smaller and medium-sized businesses.

Add a professional accent to boardrooms, meeting rooms and huddle spaces by displaying a corporate logo, welcome message or web page, together with the name of the room, booking schedule and other information. Further valuable features include automatic input switching, auto-off to save power and a count-down presentation timer.

Work smarter with a range of companion apps that enhance real-time communication between meeting room participants. Wirelessly share screenshots, pointer movements and hand-drawn annotations between 4K Professional Display and participants' own devices (PCs and tablets) using the Meeting client app.

Manage all your 4K Professional Displays remotely from a networked computer.

Product Highlights

  • Offer a 'welcome' to meeting participants: show images, a corporate logo or web content, plus the name of the room, date/time and content pulled from other services.
  • Power saving features 4K Professional Displays switch off automatically to save power when it's not being used.
  • Presentation timer
  • Let each presenter know how long they've got left to get their message across to the meeting.
  • Auto power-on and input change Your display automatically detects connected PCs and other devices, waking up from standby and switching input to the connected source.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Exchange Server and Cybozu Office lets you display meeting schedules and room reservations (Advanced Edition only).
  • Whiteboard function Enliven the discussion: share notes and sketches with other meeting participants (Advanced Edition only).

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