CCD Cable TNPK2D1830003




Machine Vision camera (Circular connector interface), Equivalent with GFO-HRS6S-100CM

Connector Type:
1. Camera side: Circular connector Hirose: HR10A-7P-6S
2. Power Supply side: Y Type Terminal 1.25-4

Cable Details:
1. UL STYLE: European standard wire(CE)
2. Cable size AWG: 0.5mm²*2C
3. Number of cores: 2C
4. Conductor impedance: N/A
5. Rated voltage: 300V
6. Temperature resistance: 80℃
7. Material: PVC
8. Shield: BRAID
9. Cable length: 100 cm

Product Highlights
1. Standard distance of cable is 100 cm.
2. Cable selectable of standard type or flexible type.
3. Machine Vision camera (Circular connector interface)
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