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EyeRIS PRO (Clip-On Interactive Whiteboard for Projector)

Clip-On Interactive Whiteboard that augment the capabilities of a projector into an  interactive & collaboration teaching solution with 3-D Dual Band Optical Movement Detection technology. EyeRIS PRO is perfectly fit with your current classroom set up without any wiring or renovation required. Moreover it has built-in education software and content management system for institute.

Product Highlights
  • Built-in Interactive Whiteboard Software Kneura teach with a gamut of assistive teaching tools.
  • Support display size up to 100" for 16:9 aspect ratio and up to 80" for 4:3 aspect ratio  
  • Up to 10 simultaneous touch points
  • Wireless collaboration and cross platform support ( Apple, Window, and Android)
  • Built-in WiFi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n (Dual Band) 
  • Support Wireless Touch Back, any software on the laptop can  be controlled from the big projection screen
  • Easy sharing notes through QR code
  • Delivers personalized learning through Kneura Classroom management platform 

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