BVM-HX3110 (30.5-inch 4K TRIMASTER HX™ Professional Master Monitor)

Every shade, detail and nuance
Experience sharp details and rich colours with the BVM-HX3110 TRIMASTER HX™ 4K Professional Master Monitor. Combine IP connectivity with incredible 4K HDR picture quality, from deep shadows to bright highlights. Choose a master monitor that’s perfect for live productions, colour grading and VFX.

Higher peak luminance and greater contrast ratio
As a 4K HDR master monitor, the BVM-HX3110 is designed for unparalleled colour fidelity. *Peak luminance has been increased to 4000 cd/m² while the black colour stays black. Colourists will see subtle details, delicate highlights and rich colours, even in areas of the image where details were previously lost, with deep blacks and smooth highlight roll-off.
*This peak luminance value is typical at D65 (x, y = 0.3127, 0.329) and is not guaranteed. Auto brightness limiter may work under some conditions.

Faster pixel response
Activated by an optional licence, the BVM-HX3110’s high-speed pixel response is perfect for live sports and music productions. Pan and tilt movements are displayed with less motion blur, while scrolling tickers are easier to read and check. The combination of rapid video response and high brightness make this display far clearer than existing OLED competitors.

Even wider viewing angles
Undertake monitoring work with more people, thanks to a wider viewing angle. Reviewing our optical display materials has allowed us to expand the viewing angle of our newest master monitor to 45°, without affecting the rich contrast ratio or high colour fidelity.

Improved reflection performance
Advanced AR processing takes care of reflections so users can concentrate on their production work. This technology cancels out incoming ambient lights to the screen through optical wave cancellation that’s similar to noise-cancelling audio technology. That means better contrast, better black reproduction and a clearer image with minimal resolution degradation.

Integrated IP support
Slot seamlessly into IP productions, with support for ST2110-20/21/22/30/40, NMOS IS04/IS05, Clean Switch, Hitless Failover, and PTP. A web menu makes IP interface configuration simple and it’s easy to add licences to support both SNMP and JPEG XS decoder. Direct IP signal input also removes the need for an IP-SDI converter, saving space and a number of power outlets. Plus we’ve incorporated greater compatibility with Sony’s Networked Live ecosystem.

TRIMASTER™ Technology is a design architecture that elicits the full performance capabilities of professional flat-panel displays. Its core technologies deliver the highest levels of colour accuracy, precision imaging, and picture-quality consistency, enabling the BVM-HX3110 to achieve the precise imaging that professionals trusted in the BVM-HX310. Meanwhile, the BVM-HX3110 features a Sony-designed dual layer  anti-reflection LCD panel with Sony proprietary signal processing, supporting higher peak luminance, faster pixel response and wider viewing angles.

HDR-SDR converter function
Unlock simultaneous production of 4K/HD HDR video and HD SDR video, with an optional licence that undertakes SDR shading while you view an SDR or HDR signal, for a picture without saturated highlights or crushed lowlights. Three licences are available:
 - BVML-H10 supports Sony’s HDR-SDR, 3D LUT and 4K-HD conversion
 - BVML-S10 supports 3D LUT/4K-HD conversion
 - BVML-T10 supports 3D LUT conversion only
The screen display and conversion output can also work independently, so you can rely on the same signal output, even when the display switches. Conversion can be applied to an IP input signal and you can check the converted signal with a built-in waveform monitor and vectorscope.

Designed to make it easy to wipe off accidental fingerprints from transportation or installation.

Recycled plastic
Uniting sustainability with high performance, the BVM-HX3110 starts to use Sony’s SORPLAS™ (Sustainable Oriented Recycled Plastic), reducing the monitor’s environmental impact.

User 3D LUTs
Check different LUTs with the touch of a button, on set or in post. Load customized LUTs from a USB stick or other EOTF for comparison during pre-grading. High quality tetrahedral interpolation allows you to use LUTs for HDR-SDR conversion as well.

Quad view display
Instantly compare up to four sets of custom display settings, including EOTF, colour space, transfer matrix, colour temperature, contrast, brightness and chroma. View LUTs side by side and compare with original footage.

4K/HD scopes with HDR/SDR scale
See waveform monitor and vectorscope displayed with scales for HDR or SDR. These scales change automatically, according to the selected EOTF setting. A colour gamut scope is also available, mapping onto the CIE1931 standard chart with the standard colour space area display. Waveform monitor options include luma, RGB parade, YCBCR paragde, RGB overlay and HDR/SDR scale.


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