Smart IP Imaging Platform by SONY NUCLeUS

Smart IP Imaging Platform by SONY NUCLeUS

Right now, hospitals are facing the challenges to provide care for high-risk patients with fewer resources. NUCLeUS™ is our smart IP Imaging Platform that’s here to help busy teams work more efficiently while reducing physical contact and infection risks for patients and staff.

  Connecting healthcare professionals across the hospital and beyond
See how we’re connecting surgeons and clinical staff with our smart imaging workflow, helping everyone work efficiently in a changed healthcare environment.

  Connecting everyone across the hospital campus
Stream live video from the OR or ICU to screens anywhere in the hospital – enabling more efficient peer to peer communication, new patient care possibilities and remote teaching for students.

  Upgrade HD to 4K the easy way
Our medical 4K displays upscale HD resolution video to stunning 4K Ultra definition.

  Evolving as your needs grow
Our unique flexible platform integrates seamlessly with virtually all modality manufacturers’ solutions and other hospital systems. NUCLeUS also gives access to a family of smart applications, providing powerful image enhancement tools like bi-directional telestration on live streams.

  Adapt rapidly to new working practices
Our IP imaging platform is readily adaptable to meet the demands of a fast-changing healthcare environment. Primarily deployed in Operating Rooms, NUCLeUS can also be integrated in interventional rooms and ICU environments – or even help convert ORs into temporary ICUs – giving hospitals the flexibility of additional capacity of patient observation.

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