SONY 4K 3D Surgical Solutions for Robotic Surgery

SONY 4K 3D Surgical Solutions for Robotic Surgery

Our 4K 3D surgical displays and medical video recorder gives operating room staff and medical students an immersive view of procedures performed by surgical robotic systems by supporting 4K 3D imaging workflows for robotic surgery. Find out how we’re helping surgical teams perform with greater confidence and collaborate more effectively with a clearer view of images during robotic surgery.

  Bringing 4K 3D imaging to Heads Up robotic surgery
Our 55” 4K 2D and 3D surgical display series with advanced image enhancing features are ideal partners for robotic surgical systems. Paired with our 4K 3D recorder, we provide a complete post-operative review and medical training solution.

  Delivering surgical certainty in robotic procedures with 3D
Find out how Sony 3D imaging technology is giving surgeons an enhanced sense of depth perception and spatial orientation during laparoscopy and other intricate surgical procedures performed using surgical robotic systems.

  4K 3D documentation workflow for robotic surgery
The value of high-quality documentation is invaluable in this challenging time when hands-on medical training is not possible in most cases. With our 4K 3D medical recorders in place medical students can experience the same image depth and detail as experienced by the surgeon during the procedure.

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