SONY Interventional Radiology Imaging

SONY Interventional Radiology Imaging

Interventional radiology spans across a variety of clinical disciplines and applications. One thing they share is the need for accurate and fast image documentation, making still images as well as video streams available to other clinicians in a fast and efficient way. Our compact, high-performance imaging and printing solutions offer seamless integration with a wide range of interventional radiology imaging systems.

 Smart imaging workflow for fixed C-arm systems
Using our smart IP imaging platform NUCLeUSTM in catheter labs and other interventional applications lets hospitals instantly route live radiological content and other image sources to displays in the intervention room, doctors’ communication  rooms, auditoriums and other sites on campus.

 Flexible, mobility-focused imaging workflows
Right now more than ever hospitals need the ability to deploy imaging equipment where it’s needed at a moment’s notice. Our imaging platform embraces fixed and mobile C-arms, ultrasound systems and any other imaging source in ORs or interventional rooms.

 The preferred partner for interventional radiology printing
Our proven direct thermal printing technology builds on over three decades of innovation and experience to address today’s challenges in interventional radiology printing. Discover our printing solutions that offer fast, high quality black and white documentation on paper or transparent blue film media. This also includes wireless printing for off-cart printer placement as well as still image capture on USB flash drives. 

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