XVS-2M/E Pack


หมวดหมู่ : Broadcast & Production Switcher and Live System


XVS-2M/E Pack (ชุดวิดีโอสวิชเชอร์ 2M/E สำหรับรุ่น XVS 3G/4K-Ready/IP-Ready)

The XVS-2M/E Pack is brimming with Sony’s powerful feature set, long-established and ever-evolving in its MVS and XVS Series switchers. These convenient, affordable packs can also be used to produce 1080p (3G).

20-Channel Frame Memory and Clip Transition
The XVS Pack supports 20 channels of frame memory. Using this memory feature, you can create clip transition effects – transitioning a CG image (such as a logo) and moves across the picture from one side to the other with audio, while a background transition is performed in the background.

Powerful Key Resizer (2.5D DME)
A powerful resizer function is provided for every keyer. 8 x 2.5D DME effects can be utilized in the system, which is very useful for optimizing on-screen composition. For example, you can create multiple picture boxes within a single screen.

Input Format Converter and Frame Synchronizer
Format converter (FC) and frame synchronizer (FS) functions are provided for every input as standard. You can input various types of signal to the system, including different video formats or even non-locked signals. The following incoming signal formats are supported in FC: 480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p Level-B.

2-Channel Multi-Viewer
Each XVS Pack has two standard multi-viewer channels, enabling up to a 32-screen monitoring environment without any additional external multi-viewer systems.

Future Proofing Production Switcher (Option)
The XVS Pack also supports 4K (UHD) with purchase of an optional software and a video-over-IP interface with optional hardware.


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