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PZW-4000 (เครื่องบันทึก XAVC 4K SSD ขนาด 2TB ภายในพร้อมสล็อตหน่วยความจำ SxS สองช่อง)

Superb 4K picture quality and enhanced workflow efficiency
The PZW-4000 4K XAVC Recorder supports XAVC-L422 QFHD 200 (200Mbps for QFHD @60fps) recording/playback as well as XAVC-I QFHD 300 (Intra XAVC for QFHD @ 600 Mbps), which is widely adopted in today’s 4K/UHD productions.

Long GOP compression technology at 200Mbps reduces video bit rates by 1/3 at 59.94p and 2/5 at 50p compared with the XAVC Intra codec while maintaining superb 4K image quality.

This combination of picture quality and lower data rate significantly improves workflow efficiency, especially with projects involving longer recording/playback time and faster transferring/copying of files.

The internal 2TB SSD allows approxima

Supports latest removable media and codecs
The PZW-4000 supports direct access to industry-proven SxS professional memory. The recorder supports both XAVC-I and XAVC-L422 codecs and metadata, effectively providing complete format transparency. It also supports industry standard VTR/VDCP and ftp protocols.

Supports versatile USB SSD and/or HDD
For cost-effective portable media options, the PZW-4000 supports versatile USB SSD or HDD for check-in/out in handling large 4K UHD projects.
As the same manner with an SxS, simultaneous recording to internal SSD and USB drive is also supported.

Multi-tasking internal storage operations
The 2TB SSD internal storage is accessible when carrying out certain tasks. This multi-tasking capability increases interoperability and overall efficiency when working with network production systems.

Familiar VTR-style user interface
The control layout of the PZW-4000 follows industry-standard conventions that are familiar to most users with traditional linear editing operational skills. simplifying operation and integration into overall production workflows.

Enhanced network functionality
The PZW-4000 allows users to access growing volumes of files from servers and/or non-linear editors, with high-speed file transfer and multiple access via a network. It offers onboard Gigabit and optional 10Gb Ethernet.

HD monitor output
The PZW-4000 supports QFHD to HD down-converted outputs for monitoring purposes. 


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