Professional Disc


หมวดหมู่ : Broadcast & Production Professional Media


Professional Disc (แผ่น Professional Disc Single, Dual, Triple,และ Quad layer)

Ideal for archiving and deliveries
Outstanding recording capacity with up to 600 minutes of HD recording with the Quad layer version
Rugged and reliable HD media for day-to-day broadcasting
Designed for exceptional performance in tough conditions with advanced Hard Coat technology and a durable cartridge

PFD-23A: up to 85 minutes of XDCAM 4.2.2
PFD-50DLA: up to 1.5 hours of XDCAM 4.2.2
PFD-100TLA: over 3 hours of XDCAM 4.2.2
PFD-128QLW: up to 4 hours of XDCAM 4.2.2

Proven Technology since 2003

Optimized Cost per GB

Free Customer Service

Compatibility: always check the compatibility of your equipment prior to any purchase


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