SXS-1 Series Memory Card


หมวดหมู่ : Broadcast & Production Memory Card


SXS-1 Series Memory Card (การ์ดหน่วยความจำ SxS-1 Series 32GB,64GB, 128GB)

  • Rugged, proven technology to support all the recording features of the XDCAM EX camera lineup
  • 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacity
  • Read speed up to 440MB/s
  • Supports EB Streaming between card and Sony camcorders enabling constant 2 way communication and insuring stable recording while avoiding speed degradation.
  • Enhanced media management with Memory Media Utility
  • Memory Media Utility dedicated PC software for Sony memory media products (available from download) provides enhanced media management.

10 year warranty

Important Notice

If you use SBS-64G1C or 128G1C with compatible devices listed below, you need to update the device’s system software to the version shown in parentheses or higher. For details, see the information on each device’s website.

Compatible devices requiring the system software update (version number):

  • PXW-X160 (V4.0)
  • PXW-X180 (V4.0)
  • PXW-X400 (V2.0)
  • PXW-X500 (V4.0)
  • PMW-F5 (V8.0)
  • PMW-F55 (V8.0)
  • PDW-HD1550 (V1.34)
  • PMW-1000(V1.43)
  • XDS-1000 (V3.21)
  • XDS-PD1000 (V3.21)
  • XDS-PD2000 (V3.21)

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