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QDA-SB1 (USB Adapter สำหรับการ์ดหน่วยความจำ XQD/SD USB Adapter สำหรับการ์ดหน่วยความจำ XQD/SD)

USB adapter compatible with XQD G Series and M Series *1

High speed data ingest
Dramatically reduce backup time even for large RAW images or data-intensive 4K video files. Transfer 64GB of card data in approximately 3 minutes*2.

USB3.0 Extension Cable Bundled
Avoid blocking the other next USB port. Stable operation and convenient use at work space.

*1 Can’t be used with XQD H series, S series and N series. Make sure that both XQD memory card and an adapter have “USB” mark.
*2 Based on Sony internal testing when using a Sony XQD G Series memory card and MacBook Pro.

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