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AXS-A512S48 (การ์ดหน่วยความจำ AXS Memory A Series card ขนาดความจุ 512 GB ความเร็วการเขียน 4.8 Gbps)

High capacity, fast transfer speed recordings
The AXS-A512S48 has a capacity of 512 GB and guaranteed write speed of 4.8 Gbps.

Slim and small card design
The AXS-A512S48 has dimensions of 35 x 75 x 8 mm. This is smaller and lighter than previous AXS Memory cards and has same height and width dimensions as SxS Memory cards.

Less power usage
The AXS Memory A Series uses less power and provides more effective ventilation compared to previous AXS Memory cards.

Works with AXS-R7, AXS-R5 and AXS-CR1
The AXS-A512S48 works with the AXS-R7 Portable Memory Recorder and AXS-R5 2K / 4K RAW recorder - and AXS-CR1 USB 3.0 AXS Memory card reader, using the AXS Memory card adapter*.

* 1x AXS Memory card adapter is included with all current AXS-R5 and AXS-CR1 products as supplied accessory. Additional adapters are available to purchase as spare part (1-843-973-11).

Records 4K RAW, 2K RAW at different frame rates
Capacity recordings of 60 min 4K RAW and 235 min 2K RAW at 23.98PsF, 48 min 4K RAW and 189 min 2K RAW at 29.97PsF, and 23 min 4K RAW and 94 min 2K RAW at 60p.

2K RAW HFR recordings
The AXS Memory A Series records High Frame Rate (HFR) recordings: 48 min 2K RAW at 120fps (frames per second), 31 min at 180fps and 24 min at 240fps and 22 min 4K RAW at 120 fps.*

* 4K RAW at 120 fps is supported with PMW-F55 only.

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