หมวดหมู่ : Broadcast & Production Live System Camera

แบรนด์ : Sony


A flexible studio camera for today’s live productions and a high-resolution future

High performance studio camera that easily upgraded to 4k with software option. Combine high image quality with seamless integration and smoother live workflows, whether you’re producing event coverage, sports, House of worship or OTT like Esports.


High image quality for HD and 4K productions
Thanks to a Sony 2/3-inch 4K CMOS image sensor. Or deliver especially crisp, rich HD coverage by oversampling from 4K. Invest less now by starting with HD shooting, then upgrade to 4K later without any hardware changes.


Flexible integration, whatever your camera set-up

Ideally suited to 4K HDR productions and adaptable to the look you need, embracing wide color BT.2020 and SR Live support for HDR (HLG/S-Log3). Handle 4K output directly from the camera, via 12G-SDI connection, for stand alone use. Moreover, it enables to operate wirelessly and record directly, with the third party accessories.


Functions designed for easier live productions

Specific features make live operations easier, from focus assists to headset intercom. Our Total Level Control System (TLCS) provides easy automatic control of Iris, Gain and Shutter. With Network Trunk, it is possible to control and operate devices such as PTZ camera, as well as giving you high-speed data transmission between the camera and its CCU for remote operation


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